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With a comprehensive range of service capabilities and in-house expertise, delivered by an extensive service network always on call, Trane service solutions ensure the most reliable and cost-effective performance from HVAC systems from day one – and on through their complete lifecycle.


Start up

Trane Elite Start™

Commissioning service

Trane Service Engineers validate HVAC installation, following a tried and tested checklist for optimal start-up conditions, verifying and recording design operational parameters.

Trane Extended Start 

Assure the highest level of performance for the HVAC system’s crucial first year

HVAC systems are typically sold with a standard factory warranty terms and conditions. Trane Extended Start goes above and beyond the standard warranty to provide eight value-added services which will create a system performance baseline.

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Operate & Maintain

Genuine Parts and Repair Services

The right parts and the OEM expertise quickly available

From precision-crafted original Trane items to generic parts, Trane offers a comprehensive parts inventory with 6,500 references to answer quickly to customers’ needs. Trane efficient logistics and factory authorized technicians also ensure expert replacements and fixes.

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Trane Chiller Health Check Program

OEM chiller performance analysis

The reliability and efficiency of a water chiller are directly related to how it is maintained and operated. Appropriate maintenance can help avoid severe malfunctions and costly breakdown. Trane Chiller Health Check Program provides the real time status and performance of equipment and recommends proactive measures to restore a safe, reliable and efficient operation of chillers.

Trane Service Agreements

Reduce operating costs and optimize equipment life with planned maintenance from Trane

By planning ahead and addressing maintenance needs on a systematic, scheduled basis, your client can save significantly and virtually eliminate unplanned downtime. Trane will help define the service agreements best suited to your client's applications and business needs.

improve cost of ownership

Trane Select™ Contracts

Head off problems before they affect operation

Four customizable HVAC service contracts designed to provide operating efficiency, maximize the system life and help cut costs. From preventive maintenance plans to fully comprehensive solutions, Trane Select Contracts offer fixed costs making them more valuable the longer the contract period. All contracts come with free compressor coverage.

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Trane Controls Services

Keeps HVAC settings fine-tuned for optimal performance

Buildings are a complex, inter-related set of systems. Over time, adjustments can change HVAC configurations that were fine-tuned on installation. Trane Controls Services offer four levels of servicing to regularly review the building control system, ensure it maintains its designed comfort level and is always up to date with your clients' current needs – operating as efficiently as possible.

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Upgrade and improve

Trane Care™ Services

Restore the performance of HVAC equipment and maximize its lifecycle

No matter where your clients' equipment is in its life cycle, Trane Care™ will turn HVAC systems into business advantages in terms of reliability, energy and environment to help their buildings perform at its best and sustain it day in and day out. A Trane Care™ upgrade of HVAC installations will enhance equipment reliability, reduce operating costs, optimize equipment life and ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

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Advanced remote analytics

Trane Intelligent Services

Close remote building system monitoring and analysis of system trends

Trane Intelligent Services provide always-on, automated monitoring powered by a suite of leading technologies backed by Trane’s team of technical experts. They give building operators high-end capability to help minimize the occurrence and severity of system failures through early detection of alarms and performance issues. Whether your clients require continuous monitoring and automated notification, monitoring plus an action plan for remediation services, Trane can provide a cost effective solution to establish critical points, appropriate parameters, actions and procedures.

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Contingency cooling

Trane Rental Services

Cooling solutions for all temporary needs

Temporary cooling needs covered to keep your clients' businesses operational during repair, replacement or upgrade of the existing systems: from breakdowns to extra seasonal capacity requirements, planned service work, facility renovation, specialty events and more. Trane provides fast, safe and cost-effective solutions using modern and reliable equipment for all building purposes.

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