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Voyager rooftop units

top efficiency, flexibility, Reliability

Trane Voyager™ rooftop units offer a large choice of technologies and options to meet specific building cooling and heating needs and customers’ energy savings demands. The self-contained packaged units are the economical solution for a wide range of comfort applications from shopping centers, movie theaters and restaurants, to warehouses and industrial buildings.

Product flexibility
  • Cooling only and reversible systems
  • Gas burner, Electric heater, Hot water heat
  • Full range of units from 15 to 160kW cooling capacity and 2700 to 35000 m3/h airflow.
Energy saving options
  • Supply fan speed variation to achieve 30% savings on electric bill.
  • Dual fuel units automatically switch form from heat pump to gas burner depending on the outdoor temperature, offering an optimized energy source choice.
  • Highly efficient heat recovery systems: Plate heat or rotary wheel exchangers for full time heat recovery and reduced building heat loss on air renewal.
  • Modulating and condensing gas burner to optimize part load efficiency and reduce gas consumption.
Easy installation
  • Horizontal flow or downflow duct connection.
  • Adjustable roof curb available to easily replace old rooftops with no roof or ductwork modification.
  • Tracker controller with touch screen display allows simple multiple rooftop installation control

Tough design and construction makes Voyager units particularly suitable for use in high temperature, cold temperature and adverse environments and ensures low maintenance costs

Building Management System integration

Through BACNet®, LonTalk®, or Modbus communication. Customized functions are available through Trane Tracer SC Building Automation System controller.