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About Trane


Trane is one of the world’s leading HVAC systems and controls providers, with an approach defined by continual innovation and intelligent, customized solutions for diverse building and industrial processes.

We believe that integrated system and service solutions will best enhance building performance, improve quality of life for building occupants and help building owners meet their specific business operational objectives.

Total Lifecycle Management

Building owners today are more and more concerned with the cost of energy, maintenance, service and other factors – costs that, in aggregate, can account for as much as 80% of total lifecycle costs. That’s why Trane offers support for every stage of HVAC systems’ lifecycle.

At the planning and concept stages, we have the technical expertise and the knowledge of different building types for specific markets to help ensure that initial specifications get off to the right start for maximum efficiency.

At the design stage, our wide-ranging equipment selection offers solutions to meet every need.

Finally, we offer a suite of services, from monitoring and maintenance to retrofits and replacement, that can help HVAC systems run with maximum efficiency throughout a building’s lifecycle.

Working towards high performance buildings

Many building owners are now looking to save money and energy, reduce their environmental impact and leverage their building to advance core business objectives. Trane offers a holistic approach that looks at every aspect of a building to ensure it constantly delivers as effectively as possible across the board. Read more about Trane high performance buildings.


Helping clients understand their needs

This site has been designed to help you, the building engineer, advise your clients on HVAC solutions that meet their objectives as effectively as possible.

The presented articles should allow you to give your clients a clear sense of their own best interests, showing them that an integrated systems, controls and service approach can deliver long-term on quality and sustainability, while also representing savings.